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Splash away in ‘The Newest Water Theme Park in Malaysia,’ as you begin your thrilling water escapade! Grab your suite and jump into the coolest kind of summertime fun; laugh and share the joy with your friends and family, and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Bangi Wonderland water theme park features 15 attractions -
namely Pirate Spa, Water Cannon, Surf Rider, Kid Adventure, Body Slide, Spiralax, The Fall, Anaconda Trail, Insane Racer, Wonderloop, Green Pearl, Pirates Bay, Boomeriang, Magic Funnel and lots more and is surrounded by hectares of natural recreational forest. Bangi Wonderlands exclusive attractions promise unlimited fun, taking every visitor on a thrilling ride and breathtaking view of a natural forest.

About Bangi Wonderland

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park and Resort is a new tourist attraction in Bangi. The water theme park feature 15 major thrilling rides and a host of other attractions that will promise to be a fun-filled adventure for your family and friends.

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Family Waterpark

Bangi Wonderland Waterpark, holds on to its promise of creating fun times for everyone. Priding itself as a value for money and family oriented park, Bangi Wonderland Waterpark is located at Bangi Avenue, Bangi. The park is ideal to host group function, carnivals, parties, family day, school picnics, corporate event and fundraising activities.

Insane Racer

Let the race begin! The Insane Racer is a 6 lane high speed mat ride where riders race head-first and side by side down the 6 lanes. Hold on to your heart as you race down this monster. These seven-storey slides provide a heart-stopping, yet breathtaking high velocity joyride as you can hurtle down and reach the ground in just a few seconds!

Kids Adventure

This is a multi-level active water play structure for kids of all ages and it combines 6 slides into one big play ground. It is also features a water dump waiting to drench anyone in its way!

Bangi Wonderland Waterpark

Bangi Wonderland Themepark & Resort

No 2 Persiaran Bangi Avenue
Bangi Avenue 43000 Kajang

Write us: [email protected]

Bangi Wonderland Waterpark Map

Tickets available from RM38 for 1 person 1 day